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Solofra is situated in a valley (at 420 m above the sea level) of Picentini mountains between Irno River and Sarno River. Solofra was founded by Samnites, a population made of shepherds and sheep-breeding was the most prosperous activity of this area. Since there was the need to preserve and prepare the leathers from killed animals, there was the development of tanneries that became very important for this territory. In 1960s in Solofra there was the creation of a real industrial district (that followed the industrialization process of all Italian regions). Many tanneries were settled and now there are also factories producing leather clothing.

The most important monument of Solofra is the collegiate church dedicated to Saint Michael (XVI-XVII centuries) that preserves interesting paintings.

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Hotel - centro turistico Arco di Magliano, Montoro Superiore (AV)
The tourist complex ARCO DI MAGLIANO is an ancient XVI century house recovred thanks to the work by Tommaso Giaquinto. Now the house is used for cultural events, ceremonies or just to spend some pleasant and relaxing hours... ( go to the website)
Conceria Irpel - Solofra (AV)

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